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Incorporates several rounds of high intensity movements to increase the heart rate paired with low to moderate active recovery. Helping to improve your strength, boost your power and endurance, and work your entire body. 


Catered to beginners, intermediate and advanced runners. Run club consists of intervals, tempo runs and hill runs designed to help you with the fundamentals of running and to help maximise your endurance.


Test your limits with a circuit style training including a combination of both strength and fitness exercises designed to condition and tone up the body. 


A Combination of both running and strength with exercises incorporated designed to strengthen key muscles and prevent injury. Recommended for those who would like to complete a running event. 


Low impact session using low to moderate weights to help you with day to day activities. Focusing on mobility and technique we target all major muscle groups, this resistance session will help build lean muscles, improve strength and promote good posture. 


Relive tension and punch your way into fitness, incorporating multiple boxing techniques for all levels using pads. Improving endurance and co-ordination also helping with upper body and core strength through a range of fun paced boxing drills. 


A low to moderate, steady state cardio group.  a type of cardiovascular physical activity, which increases your heart rate. This improves blood flow and can lower blood pressure. It helps to boost energy levels by releasing certain hormones like endorphins and delivering oxygen throughout the body.

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