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Our 1:1 personal training sessions are all about you. We focus on generating a program that is sustainable and specific to your goals and your needs.  We have a mixture of resistance training and cardio training sessions to get the balance right. We treat you as part of our family and get to know you and what drives you to achieve your goals


Our small group classes are catered for everyone. whether you are looking for a high intensity workout or a strength and conditioning session we have it all. We offer a range of session types both high, moderate and low intensity. 


Nutrition makes up 80% of our results. Thats why we offer  personalised and sustainable nutrition plans. We educate you on the right foods at the right times so that it is realistic for your lifestyle.

If you are looking for any recipe inspiration our online engagement platform is where we post weekly recipes for you and the rest of our Project Fitness community to enjoy!


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